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    If you want to continue getting calls, you simply choose how you'd like to be billed.

You choose if you want to pay-as-you-go or you can request to receive a certain amount of calls per month and we'll bill you upfront. That's it!

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    If you wish to pause, cancel or reduce the amount of calls at anytime, you can.

We do not charge any fees. Our goal is to make getting calls as easy as possible for you so you can get more sales. You will only pay for relevant calls.

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How it works

Receiving the Calls

After initial setup, you will start to receive calls after 1-2 weeks. At the beginning of each call you will hear a "whisper message" which is a short message letting you know it's from us. It will say, "call from your agency" that's us, then the call will be connected.

Paying for Relevant Calls

After each call, within a few minutes you will receive a text message with the caller information. At this point, you will know after speaking with the caller if the call was relevant to your business. If the caller was asking about a service you do not provide or outside your service territory, simply reply back with the "1" in the text. You are marking the call "Not Relevant" and you will NOT be billed. You will have 24hrs to mark a call not relevant.

Monitoring the Calls

Each call is recorded so we can listen to the call and make sure it was in fact not relevant to your business when calls are marked "Not Relevant." If there is a dispute we will be sure to talk with you directly to sort things out.

Price Per Call

Prices are based on vertical, location, population and search volume for your service related keywords in the search engines. However, we can give you a ballpark before we start you free campaign. We are very competitive with Home Advisor and they don't even offer a premium service like we do.

Verticals we serve

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Reviews From Happy Clients

I was basically spinning my wheels and spending money that I had no idea what the return on investment would be. I decided to join Bizness Lead's program and have been receiving phone calls just like they said I would. What can I say, I'm a happy camper!

James N. IT Company

We had been buying leads from another source but they were shared and when I'd call the leads back it was like they were annoyed with me. I didn't see the value in that and cancelled. I was contacted by Bizness Leads and was sold on their hassle free service. So far, it's been great! I highly recommend their unique service.

Dan T. Roofing

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


We will never share your phone calls. We will always offer high quality calls just for your business. We will never charge you for anything other than the calls you deem relevant. That's it. We offer a premium service to help you grow your business without all the hassles.

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